Party Favourites

I love African wax print fabrics and I just LOVE how awesome the fabrics look when made into “Party” clothes.

These vibrant colours and fun designs are perfect for festivals, a day at the beach or a stroll around the grocery store 🙂

These items are handmade by me – Nomes, and each design is unique.

Get your own “Party” favourite from Made By Nomes Shop or

cute skirt with pockets
Nomes wearing a “Party Skirt”
Party Pant and Party Waistcoat
“Party Pant” and “Party Waistcoat”
Custom made "Party Waistcoats"
Custom made “Party Waistcoats”
party blazer blue green orange
Handmade “Party Blazer”


Charity Christmas Market in Prague

On Saturday 23rd NovemberIWAP is hosting a charity Christmas Market in Prague at the Diplomat Hotel (Evropska 15, Dejvice, Prague, CZ). 10am – 4pm.

Proceeds benefit the charities Amelie and DOM.

Free entry and goodies for sale include (but not limited to) delicious baked goods, new & used books, Christmas gifts, toys, handmade crafts, wine, homewares, bric-a-brac, jewellery and much more.

I have been busy in my sewing studio making a few things to donate to the market. I hope to make a some more things if I have time in the coming 2 weeks.

purses / pencil case/ make up pouch / ipod case .... a small bag to hold things :)
purses / pencil case/ make up pouch / ipod case …. a small bag to hold your things 🙂
Christmas stocking and xmas gift tags
Christmas stocking and xmas gift tags

And I’m planning to make some delicious baked goodies … maybe some meringues, brownies or choc chip cookies (these cookies are listed on my recipe page). YUMM!

If you’re in Prague and looking for some unique Christmas gifts, I hope you can stop by the Diplomat Hotel on Saturday the 23rd November 2013. 10am – 4pm. For more information about the Christmas Market visit the IWAP website. 

ShweShwe Fabric

blue, brown yellow double sided shweshwe durban
blue, brown yellow double sided shweshwe fabric from Durban, SA
green, blue black double sided shweshwe group fabric
green, blue black double sided shweshwe fabric

The arrival of the indigo cloth emerged after the 1652 establishment of a seaport at the Cape of Good Hope. Natural indigo dye was obtained from the Indigofera Tinctoria plant.

In its raw form, the 100% cotton fabric was heavily starched in order to protect it from the damp as it travelled across the ocean in the holds of ships sailing between Europe and Africa. The Xhosa were the first to adopt the fabric from the settlers and they soon began adapting it to give it the uniquely African feel that it retains to this day. It was the Xhosa women who gave it the name “Shweshwe”, imitating the swishing sound of their skirts as they walked.

Original Shwe Shwe carries a watermark on the back and is now available in a large variety of colours – blue, red, brown, aqua, green. Some of the ranges available are: Three Cats, Three Leopards, Fancy Prints, Coral Tree and Toto Shweshwe.

Shweshwe has a distinctive prewash stiffness and smell due to the starch which was previously used to preserve the fabric. Shweshwe fabric fades with washing in a manner similar to denim.

More information:

History of Shweshwe

And here are a few of the special things I have made out of South African sourced ShweShwe.

Madiba cushion covers
Madiba cushion covers

Madiba shweshwe fabric from SA to make cushion cover

African shwe shwe blue fitted mini skirt
African shwe shwe blue fitted mini skirt

red shweshwe to make purse