Dylan’s “Party Pant”

Dylan's party pant
Dylan's "Party Pant" as worn at Brick Lane

I mentioned earlier in the month that I had recieved my first order for “Party Pant”. It was on Thursday that I completed the finishing touches – drawstring and hem and gave the “Party Pant” to Dylan for his birthday. He was rather delightled with his unique present!

A group of us were out last night having a curry in Brick Lane, London and I was happy to see that Dylan was wearing his very cool and colourful “Party Pant”. I just had to get a snap shot of me and Angus with Dylan.

I used a Simplicity trousers pattern – unisex, multi size drawstring and elastic waist with 2 front pockets. For the construction, as I do not own an overlocker I used French seams throughout on these “Party Pant” so no unfinshed fabric edges can be seen.

In August I hope to provide a photo tutorial of using french seams in everyday garment construction – A french seam is a seam that is stitched twice, first on the right side of the fabric and then on the wrong side, enclosing the first seam.


Shaka Zulu for dinner

Last month my boyfriend and I went to Shaka Zulu’s in Camden Markets, London to enjoy a South African dining experience. I had seen a few photos of the restaurant in the press and read about the vast money spent on the interior and I wasn’t disappointed
An impressive cavernous interior with large Zulu warriors watching over the guests along with numerous wooden carvings, African print and brightly coloured covers on chairs and lounges. I particularly liked a wall near the kitchen with African animals carved into the wood. Birds, zebra, elephant, rhino to name a few.  The toilets were also quite interesting; with a whole wall covered with zebra print wallpaper.
Sadly no photos from this dinner date, however you can take a look at some of the interesting features at www.shaka-zulu.com
I might be inspired to use some of the techniques seen on the chair coverings to make some cushion covers. Light background fabric with brightly coloured elephants stitched on the top.
I almost forgot to mention the food – highlights were the soft shelled fried crab, and an Ethiopian chicken with boiled egg dish.

In the kitchen …

When I started this blog it was so I could share my sewing experiences but I also have another passion which would also fit into the Made by Nomes website– my adventures in the kitchen – such as cooking, baking, brewing.

I’ve recently been to a few summer BBQ’s and taken along what I now like to call “my rosemary and olive bread”.This bread is delicious and best served warm and with a little butter. I cant take full praise for the bread as I use a bread maker; but putting the correct quantity of vital ingredients in to the mix is very important.

I must also say that I have perfected my banana bread recipe. This is also a food my friends particularly enjoy.

banana bread
Banana bread with walnuts

I can’t say that it’s not stressful at times, like I can’t give burnt cake to guests, but it is fun and sometimes  a little explosive. Take my recent handmade ginger beer experience. The first 3 bottles were fine, we drank them within 2-4 weeks of brewing time, but the final 4th bottle I had slightly forgotten about in the garden shed, had been brewing for 5 weeks when it exploded after the hottest day of the year so far in London. When it exploded it  sounded like a gun shot, and it tipped over the bucket the bottle was contained in and blew off the bucket lid and continued to spill richly scented and sticky ginger beer over the shed floor.
Not to be put off, I have another batch of ginger beer fermenting at the moment. They have been in the shed since Saturday 9th July. It should be ready for tasting this weekend.

Be sure to check out my Recipes MadeByNomes page where I will be adding a few of my favourite recipes


Retro fabric

I’m currently in Australia visiting friends and family and I have to admit I am kind of missing my “sewing studio”, the revving of my sewing machine, scratching through my fabric and patterns for inspiration… and also missing my boyfriend a lot.
I have had some luck, while visiting my childhood home to find some retro fabric which I will definitely be bringing back to London with me.

pink flowers fabricgreen swirl fabricThese prints will be perfect for another apron design or a skirt. Sadly not enough fabric for “party pant”; unless it’s for party shorts.

Pattern drafting from item of clothing

dress pattern draft
tracing around the dress
pocket pattern
creating the perfect pocket pattern

During my recent searching of blogs and websites for sewing ideas, I noticed a few blogs describing how easy it is to use a favourite item of clothing as base to create a pattern from.

So here is my attempt to copy my tunic dress

I traced around the outside of the dress, added a bit extra so new dress wouldn’t be too  tight (as the current tunic dress is a bit snug) and added seam allowance of 2cm.  The paper I used for the pattern I saved from being thrown out – it had once been used to wrap some paintings my boyfriend had framed. (there is a use for everything, and I love to  recycle)

The dress has 3 pattern pieces to it.


summer dress
the finished product

– Front yoke x 2 for a lining
– Front
– Back
– Also facings for the front and back neckline, and for the arms)
– I added 2 internal side pockets along the seam and a fabric waist tie

The finished product does look nice, and I love the print of the fabric – yellow flowers with black, grey and white spots and stripes; however I was too generous with my extra allowances and as a result the dress is a bit loose. Before I wear it I will restitch the side seams and arm facings and make it a bit tighter.
I would happily make this style of dress again, but next time I will add a side or back zipper to enable a more fitted garment