Dylan’s “Party Pant”

I mentioned earlier in the month that I had recieved my first order for “Party Pant”. It was on Thursday that I completed the finishing touches – drawstring and hem and gave the “Party Pant” to Dylan for his birthday. He was rather delightled with his unique present! A group of us were out last night having a curry in Brick Lane, London and I was happy to see that Dylan was wearing his very cool and colourful “Party Pant”. I just had to get a snap shot of me and Angus with Dylan. I used a Simplicity trousers pattern … Continue reading

Shaka Zulu for dinner

Last month my boyfriend and I went to Shaka Zulu’s in Camden Markets, London to enjoy a South African dining experience. I had seen a few photos of the restaurant in the press and read about the vast money spent on the interior and I wasn’t disappointed An impressive cavernous interior with large Zulu warriors watching over the guests along with numerous wooden carvings, African print and brightly coloured covers on chairs and lounges. I particularly liked a wall near the kitchen with African animals carved into the wood. Birds, zebra, elephant, rhino to name a few.  The toilets were also quite interesting; … Continue reading

In the kitchen …

When I started this blog it was so I could share my sewing experiences but I also have another passion which would also fit into the Made by Nomes website– my adventures in the kitchen – such as cooking, baking, brewing. I’ve recently been to a few summer BBQ’s and taken along what I now like to call “my rosemary and olive bread”.This bread is delicious and best served warm and with a little butter. I cant take full praise for the bread as I use a bread maker; but putting the correct quantity of vital ingredients in to the … Continue reading

Retro fabric

I’m currently in Australia visiting friends and family and I have to admit I am kind of missing my “sewing studio”, the revving of my sewing machine, scratching through my fabric and patterns for inspiration… and also missing my boyfriend a lot. I have had some luck, while visiting my childhood home to find some retro fabric which I will definitely be bringing back to London with me. These prints will be perfect for another apron design or a skirt. Sadly not enough fabric for “party pant”; unless it’s for party shorts.

Pattern drafting from item of clothing

During my recent searching of blogs and websites for sewing ideas, I noticed a few blogs describing how easy it is to use a favourite item of clothing as base to create a pattern from. So here is my attempt to copy my tunic dress I traced around the outside of the dress, added a bit extra so new dress wouldn’t be too  tight (as the current tunic dress is a bit snug) and added seam allowance of 2cm.  The paper I used for the pattern I saved from being thrown out – it had once been used to wrap some … Continue reading

First order for “party pant”

I have recently received a few enquires regarding the “Party Pant” and possibly making them for people other than my boyfriend. So over the weekend I bought a pattern and took my first order for “Party Pant”. I have almost completed the construction of this first order and as of this evening I just have the hem to finish. I don’t want to spoil the surprise of the first public wearing (scheduled for later this month); however I can tell you that as these are “Party Pant” they have been made from one of my many African wax print fabrics … Continue reading

Sewing with Selina

Selina popped around to my place 2 Sundays ago for a sew and take home workshop. She had in mind to design and make a fitted apron with big pockets which she could use during her up coming summer festival activities. After an initial lunch break (food is very important before starting a project!) then some serious research, design ideas, some umming and arring and help for a top website http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/crafty_tool_belt our afternoon make and take home session got under-way. Using blue curtain fabric,  purchased cheaply from a North London charity shop as the base of the apron (strong thick cotton fabric) mixed … Continue reading