A nice surprise

I’ve had my vintage Singer sewing machine for over a year now, and today was the first time I realised I was able to use the reverse stitch, and all by complete accident.

Earlier this week I moved one of the levers on the machine to enable a closer photograph of the serial number, and I had forgotten to move the lever back – who was I to know that this lever did anything. When I used the machine this evening it started sewing backwards… I was briefly confused, but this quickly turned into a feeling a happiness mixed with a bit of embarrassment.

forward stitch
Lever down for forward stitching
reverse stitch
Lever up for reverse stitching

Just last week I had Selina visit me and we spent Sunday doing a sewing workshop. I had to apologise to her that my sewing machine only had one stitch – straight, and only went one direct – forward….. if only we knew! Maybe the machine will also do zig zag if I change one of the other levers?

Hooray! Gone are the days of starting sewing just away from the edge, sewing 5 stitches, rotating the fabric 180 degrees, stitching forward over the first 5 stitches and continuing along the seam.

Selina when you read this blog I hope you will have a giggle about this 🙂

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  1. Hehe.. I loved using th singer sewing machine and Nomes your such a great teacher. The going back wards bit would have totally confused me any way!! I had such a good sunday sewing session and can’t way to do it again. The craft belts are lovely everyone who has seen them is very impressed.

    Can’t wait for the next sewing session xx

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