First order for “party pant”

I have recently received a few enquires regarding the “Party Pant” and possibly making them for people other than my boyfriend.
So over the weekend I bought a pattern and took my first order for “Party Pant”. I have almost completed the construction of this first order and as of this evening I just have the hem to finish.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise of the first public wearing (scheduled for later this month); however I can tell you that as these are “Party Pant” they have been made from one of my many African wax print fabrics and I am using a Simplicity trousers pattern – unisex, multi size drawstring and elastic waist with 2 front pockets.

Be sure to check out the original “Party Pant ” 

Sewing with Selina

Selina popped around to my place 2 Sundays ago for a sew and take home workshop. She had in mind to design and make a fitted apron with big pockets which she could use during her up coming summer festival activities.

After an initial lunch break (food is very important before starting a project!) then some serious research, design ideas, some umming and arring and help for a top website our afternoon make and take home session got under-way.

stitching pockets onto tool belt apron
Selina stitching pockets onto tool belt apron

Using blue curtain fabric,  purchased cheaply from a North London charity shop as the base of the apron (strong thick cotton fabric) mixed with a piece of wild geometric print cotton our aprons began to take shape.

At least half an hour  was spent contemplating on the perfect size for the front pockets, a couple of cups of coffee later we opted not to follow the suggested 3 front pockets, and created 4 instead.

pinning waistband onto tool belt apron
pinning waistband onto tool belt apron

Sewing and designing is quite a energy draining activity, so we did need to break for a delicious BBQ dinner. Following our dinner break our final pinning and stitching began. The hardest part was making the tie/waistband – we didn’t follow the website instructions for this – choosing to do it our on way!

The finished product - tool belt apron
The finished product

The finished products are fab – and fit for purpose.
Selina will be using both of these at her festivals when she is running Boutique Babysitting

A nice surprise

I’ve had my vintage Singer sewing machine for over a year now, and today was the first time I realised I was able to use the reverse stitch, and all by complete accident.

Earlier this week I moved one of the levers on the machine to enable a closer photograph of the serial number, and I had forgotten to move the lever back – who was I to know that this lever did anything. When I used the machine this evening it started sewing backwards… I was briefly confused, but this quickly turned into a feeling a happiness mixed with a bit of embarrassment.

forward stitch
Lever down for forward stitching
reverse stitch
Lever up for reverse stitching

Just last week I had Selina visit me and we spent Sunday doing a sewing workshop. I had to apologise to her that my sewing machine only had one stitch – straight, and only went one direct – forward….. if only we knew! Maybe the machine will also do zig zag if I change one of the other levers?

Hooray! Gone are the days of starting sewing just away from the edge, sewing 5 stitches, rotating the fabric 180 degrees, stitching forward over the first 5 stitches and continuing along the seam.

Selina when you read this blog I hope you will have a giggle about this 🙂

Easter chickens

homemade book
Ideas as well as patterns in this great book

I like the idea of having chickens and collecting the eggs for use in my cooking (another one of my interests); however I don’t think the neighbours would be too pleased with all the chicken noise, nor the chickens with the lack of space.

Earlier this year for Easter I decided to get a bit crafty and make something for my 2 adorable little god children who live in Australia.  I got the idea for these chickens from a make at home book I borrowed from the local library. (Homemade: Gorgeous Things to Make with love by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson).

These cute little chickens are made from a pattern seen in the “Homemade” Book. I used white and red fleece for the bodies,  hand stitched together using blanket stitch and  cotton fabric for the wings and button eyes. Just perfect to fit over the top of a hard boiled egg (to keep it warm)…. or a chocolate Easter egg.


chicken shape egg cover
chicken shape egg cover

I found the hand stitching quite difficult as it’s not something I do a lot of. I may need to brush up on my hand stitching skills – as some of the stitches are not too neat. I hope my god daughter and son liked my little homemade present.

Shopping for fabric

Goldhawk Road in West London is one of my favourite areas for fabric shopping. It’s a shame I don’t live locally any more.
There are nearly 10 fabric shops within 5 minutes walk (not including the ones in the Shepherds Bush Markets.  If the first shop doesn’t have what I’m looking for, one of the other shops will definitely have it.

I generally head to the store next to the cycle shop as they are usually very helpful, willing to bargain and this shopping expedition was no exception.

It’s all about summer and the need for bright, happy colours and interesting prints. With this is mind, I decided to look for African cotton wax prints, and I was in luck. I could have easily closed my eyes and picked any 4 fabrics; however this was not how I was going make my decision.

A big thanks to the guys who were patient with my requests and happily removed piles of fabrics in order for me to see a particular design….. 20 minutes later after my umming and arrring, I depart carrying 4 lengths of fabric (each about 5m) and feeling very happy with my purchase.
Here are some pics of my fabrics.

African print orange and whiteAfrican print blueAfrican print green yellow pinkAfrican print blue black white

See what I’ve made using these fabrics by visiting my online shop:

reversible skirt :


Introducing the “Party Pant”

SW4 party pant
The original "Party Pant" as worn at SW4

These trousers have been affectionately named “Party Pant” by our friends after their first public appearance at SW4 Music festival at Clapham Common 2010. I think the name is perfect and has stuck.

Version 1 – the original “Party Pant”

I’ve made one alteration since the initial construction – added 2 side pockets with closures. This meant a little bit of unpicking and restitching.


version 2 Party Pant
version 2 "Party Pant" as worn at Chemical Brothers - Wireless Gig


Version 2 – Wireless Music festival “Party Pant”

I love the colous in this fabric and the front pockets are really good. My boyfriend received numerous enquires on “where could one purchase such cool trousers from?” and Radio station Kiss FM were interested in whom/where they were made – “Shut up! ! ! You made these this morning!?”

3 of us were photographed by Kiss FM and we are on Kiss FM’s Facebook page in their photos from Wireless Festival, Saturday 2nd July. Be sure to check us out.

Check out some other African print designs and my Etsy shop where Party Pants, shorts and skirts in African Print designs can be purchased –