“Party Playsuit”

Simplicity pattern 5981
Simplicity pattern 5981

I used this retro pattern I borrowed from my mum’s sewing cupboard to make this cute little playsuit/jumpsuit (View 2).

I was busy sewing this garment the evening before I wanted to wear it, so  I was rather pleased that the pattern was really easy to follow, and total construction time was less than 3 hours !

I wore the playsuit to a friends farewell “summer party”. The fabric print is bright and cheerful, and the playsuit design reminds me  of carefree childhood summers.

Link to previous blogpost with a picture of “Party Pant” and my “Party Playsuit”

After the initial wear of the playsuit, I decided to made a couple of changes to make the playsuit bodice fit more securely – this did include unpicking the back section, cutting and restitching.

back of pattern modifications
View 2 - back of pattern modifications

Changes made are:
– lowered the back
– added 2 rows of elastic on the back

I am really pleased with the finished garment, and hope that I get another chance to wear it.