Skirt,  Tutorial

Reversible Skirt – Tutorial

I have been thinking about making a reversible elastic waist skirt for several months as I like the idea of 2 skirts in one …. perfect for travelling or simply to wear when you think you might change your mind half way through the day!

I initially got the idea for this skirt from I have made a few changes, along with making the skirt reversible.

I’ve put together a tutorial of how I made my skirt; however this may not be the best nor the preferred way to make the skirt -but it worked for me 🙂

1. Take 2 lengths of fabric approx 50cm wide by 115cm wide. I have chosen to use a blue fabric with white spots, and an African print with blue and green colours – it also has some spots, so I think it will complement the blue and white fabric

measure 2 lengths of contrasting fabric
measure 2 lengths of contrasting fabric

2. With each piece of fabric separately put right sides together and join each fabric together along the 50cm length – this is now the back seam

sew back seam
sew back seam
back seam of spotty material
back seam of spotty material

3. Put right side together of both fabric match the back seams, and flatten out material

matching back seams
match the back seams - right sides together

4. Keep the back seams matched and with right sides together, pin together the 2 contrasting materials at the hem (bottom of fabric at 115cm edge). Sew the fabric together with a 1.5cm seam.

sewing the hem

5. Iron fabric at hem to give a neat finish. Turn fabric to have right side facing out. Measure from the hem to the waistband (approx 47cm) and fold over the top fabric, continue around the top of the skirt.Then fold over the contrasting fabric to hide the rough edges. Pin both layers together

waistband measurement
measuring to mark top of ruffle on waistband

6. Stitch the 2 layers together close to the edge of the fabric.

stitching top of waistband
top stitching of waistband

8. Add 2 more rows of stitching going through both layers of fabric. First row of stitching approx 3cm from the top (if you want a bigger ruffle make this 4-5cm from the top). The next row of stitching is to hold the elastic…. mine is 2cm wide.

top ruffle and elastic stitching
top ruffle and elastic stitching

9. Lastly, at the back of the skirt, I unpicked a few stitches on the back seam, so i could thread the elastic through the waistband. I measured, cut, threaded and stitched the elastic before handstitching closed the small opening I made.

threading the elastic
threading the elastic through the back seam

The finished product!!

blue spots reversible cotton skirt
blue spots reversible cotton skirt
reversible skirt african print
reversible skirt african print





I love this skirt – the colours work really well, and it’s nice to see the contrasting fabric on the inside of the ruffle.
If I was to make the skirt again I would leave a probably do the waistband first, thread the elastic, and then do the hem – it might be easier.

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  • Nomes

    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    I’m actually wearing the skirt today with tights and boots as it is raining in London! It’s very comfortable and I will definitely be making another one 🙂

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