Market skirt upgrade – the finished product

This project started with a skirt I bought from Wimbledon “car boot” markets for 1 pound.

In essence I have made 2 skirts in the process to get to the final finished product. I’m a little annoyed with all the extra hours spent unpicking the stitching, only to sew it again and unpick it again!!

tartan skirt with waistband pleats
tartan skirt with waistband pleats

I initially wanted to have a waistband that also showed the top part of the pleats; however this made the skirt look very bulky and added a few inches to the look of my waist – not a good look. So I armed myself with my quick un-picker and removed almost all the stitching.

Second attempt had the same number of pleats on the skirt, 2 side pockets (pattern taken from dress) and a fitted, neat waistband (no over the top visual pleats) This finished product was still too puffed out around the hips, and the numerous pleats made the skirt too voluminous. Again I spent an hour unpicking the waistband, back  and side seams

3rd time lucky – I sure do hope so! I removed all of the pleats – ironed the fabric flat and then started from scratch. 3 big pleats in the front, 4 in the back.  The finished skirt is a good fit and the pleats sit well.

Materials used

tartan fabric rescued from tartan skirt- 1 pound from market

1 zipper – 30p from charity shop

half meter of polyester lining – 1 pound from fabric shop

1 hook and eye – free

sewing time – 12+ hours (way too long!! )