African print bunting

A trip to Cornwall at Easter reinforced my feeling that it’s important to have a nice looking campsite, and to be comfortable !

List of this to brighten up a camping trip- ( 3 things to start with!)

Bunting – a must have, and I will be busily making some ahead of the next camping trip which planned for early May

Wellington boots – as long as they are brightly coloured and it’s not raining! Here are a pic of my boots I bought earlier this year from Joules – I love these, not only comfy, but perfect for slipping on when in a hurry to get from the tent to the loo !

A comfy chair to lounge in while watching friends slave over the camp fire, so to relax in while sipping a cold beer… or warm red wine (if you forgot to pack the esky!)

Neither of the last 2 items I can make, so I will be making some bunting- much to the disgust of my b/f.  He doesn’t like crafty stuff!

I have already cut out some trianges from offcuts of fabric, and will sew these together in the coming week.

bunting materials

Take 2 triange peices – with right sides together sew along the 2 long sides. Fold the to right way. repeat with all pieces.

Stitch the open ends inside bias binding and there you have it …. a length of bunting, perfect to brighten up any campsite or garden !