Potato block printing

Whilst drinking a few Guiness’s at the pub on St Patrick’s day I was happily thinking all things Irish and that includes potatoes…… Not only have I planned a potato in my garden – one of those potatoes you find at the back of the cupboard which has started sprouting …. I hope to reap my rewards in a few months – 1 potato turns into a potato bush with at least 10 new potatoes. Another use for old and sprouting potatoes is to use them as a block to create a relief in a create a printing block to print onto fabric !!

take one potato – cut in half.

Use knife to shape out design

cover design in fabric paint

press on to fabric … repeat pattern.

I think I may practice on some paper first and use this a birthday or Christmas cards…. or maybe swing tags for madebynomes.com clothes…

The choice is endless ….. just need to get a few potatoes, fabric paint and white or cream fabric, maybe Calico will be suitable.