ShweShwe fabric currently in stock for custom designs

My boy has just returned from a trip to South Africa, and he bought me some more ShweShwe fabric. Isn’t he a good boy :)

This new ShweShwe fabric is slightly different to the fabric I bought in January … this new fabric has a double sided print. So cool, it means that the fabric can be used either side…. or both!

Custom orders are available: You can enquire about custom orders through Etsy conversation 

or contact me via naomi[at]

Thanks, Nomes x

blue, brown yellow double sided shweshwe durban

Blue, brown, yellow double sided ShweShwe African fabric from Durban, SA

green, blue black double sided shweShwe group

Green, blue, black double sided ShweShwe African fabric from Cape Town


Shwe-shwe  fabric has a long standing history in South Africa. It was introduced to South Africa with German settlers in the 19th century, but over time Xhosa women, who took a liking to the stiff indigo-dyed fabric, replaced their animal skin clothes with Shwe Shwe. It is said to be named ShweShwe after the sound the skirts make when you walk.

More information about the History of ShweShwe Fabric –

Custom orders for skirts, accessories and home-wares can be made through

ShweShwe A-line elastic waist skirt

ShweShwe A-line elastic waist skirt


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