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Happy Easter Monday and hello April 2013 – oh how the the time is flying this year! It’s that time of the year when one feels they need to have a spring clean and de-clutter the sewing studio space. Whilst trying to do a tidy up, I found plenty of small pieces of wonderful African print fabric that I couldn’t quite bring myself to part with.

Handmade swing tags: With a bottle of glue in one hand, fabric pieces and luggage tags in the other hand, I created these new swing tags for my Etsy items. I think they look pretty interesting, and a nice new ending place for the small scraps of fabric :)

MadeByNomes swingtag closeup

MadeByNomes swing tags

MadeByNome swing tags March2013

African Print swing tags for finished items

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I like to sew, cook. I use a vintage Singer Sewing machine to make the clothes and crafts shown on this website. Be sure to check out my Etsy online shop where you can purchase some of my items www.madebynomes.esty.com and my Facebook page www.facebook.com/MadeByNomes
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