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naomi denham madebynomesHi there I’m Naomi, but my friends all call me Nomes.

I like to sew, cook and have recently begun making and growing my own things – in the garden growing my own vegetables and in the shed brewing my own homemade ginger beer (non-alcoholic at the moment !).

I’ve always had an interest in sewing, from when I was a youngster and rummaging through my mum’s sewing cupboard, making a huge mess cutting out fabric and hand stitching clothes for my dolls and teddies and creating interesting ensembles for myself. Thankfully my love for sewing is still with me and my construction techniques have developed over the decades.

Looking to rekindle my lost passion of clothing construction, I’ve begun creating my own patterns and making accessories and clothing which I will be sharing on this blog.
I love bright African prints, you will see a lot of my pieces have been made using cotton waxed dyed African print fabric. The “party pant” is a favourite among my friends – my boyfriend loves them! You will see a few of my designs for sale in my Etsy online shop www.madebynomes.etsy.com and Tictail shop www.madebynomes.tictail.com

Contact me on  Naomi@madebynomes.com

Check out my Facebook page www.facebook.com/MadeByNomes

I used to live in London and created my “sewing studio” in the small landing area / hallway at the top of the stairs. It was a small space but I loved it! My sewing machine perched on it’s original table, a box full of fabric and numerous other smaller boxes and tins full of bits and bobs. I’m now living in Prague and searching for an apartment suitable for my sewing studio :)
My Vintage Singer Sewing Machine


My plan for a sewing machine was not to buy a new fancy machine from a store, rather I was looking for an old Singer treadle style turned electric machine and that’s exactly what I now own.

So here she is – my vintage 1951 Singer sewing machine, sitting on the original sewing table, with treadle included (but not attached). She’s not fancy, and only has straight and reverse stitch, luckily converted to electric so I don’t have to try and use the treadle! Sadly there is no zigzag stitch, which is causing a few difficulties with buttons holes, which I have to sew by hand :(

I am very fond of my sewing machine,  she has helped me create all the items you see on this site.The Singer co stamp

Some purchasing History  – I bought my vintage Singer  from ebay in June 2010 and the seller Derek, has been very helpful with giving me a bit of background history. The machine belonged to his mum who he remembers using it in the 1950’s to make clothes for him and his brother. What amazes me is that the machine still works and I have a few of the original instruction books. A big thank you to Derek and Derek’s mum.

Also I’d like to saw a huge thank you to Wimbledon Sewing Machine Co Retain Ltd (214-216 Merton High Street, Merton) who are very helpful and did a fabulous service job on the machine – after 60 years, she is still sewing like a dream.

singer serial numer EG888825My Singer sewing machine serial number: EG888825

If you would like to find out more about your vintage/antique Singer sewing machine – all you need is the serial number – Check out these 2 sites for more information.


3 Responses to About me

  1. Nomes says:

    Hi, Thank you for asking for permission to use one of my photos. If you can provide me of more information, I can let you know. Thanks. Nomes

  2. Lea Brisell says:

    Hi Nomes.
    My teacher is publishing a book about creativity.
    I’ve made “woodpecker-machine” using the picture of your singermachine. But since we don’t have any rights on the photo, we can’t use it in the book. So i was hoping that you wouldn’t mind us using it? And then maybe i could send you a photo of it when it has published? I need to tell my teacher later to day. Hope you will answer as fast as you can.

    Lea, Copenhagen

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