Recipes and cookbook

So here’s a post about a non-sewing topic. It’s all about cooking! I enjoy cooking and baking … and eating the home cooked goodies as well. I have recently been spending time arranging some family favourite recipes into a recipe book. In order to make this something really special I have decided to also cook the recipes and photograph the finished product in the hope to create a book with delicious recipes and photos too. Check out my Recipes – MadeByNomes page where I will be updating the recipes as I cook them. Let me know if you have a … Continue reading

In the kitchen …

When I started this blog it was so I could share my sewing experiences but I also have another passion which would also fit into the Made by Nomes website– my adventures in the kitchen – such as cooking, baking, brewing. I’ve recently been to a few summer BBQ’s and taken along what I now like to call “my rosemary and olive bread”.This bread is delicious and best served warm and with a little butter. I cant take full praise for the bread as I use a bread maker; but putting the correct quantity of vital ingredients in to the … Continue reading