Homemade Christmas Cards

This year it finally happened – I have made my own Christmas cards to send to friends and family.

The idea behind these cards is to reuse paper, cardboard and sewing bits and bobs. The cards also have 2 uses – as a card, and as a tree decoration.

Here are a few of the designs, which I hope they look like little presents wrapped with ribbons.

Homemade Christmas cards
Homemade Christmas cards


old magazines with Christmas images or colours

paper samples bought from Oxfam

assortment of ribbons

pva glue

sequins and other sparkles

coloured pans


I hope my friends and family enjoy their personalised homemade cards. x

Easter chickens

homemade book
Ideas as well as patterns in this great book

I like the idea of having chickens and collecting the eggs for use in my cooking (another one of my interests); however I don’t think the neighbours would be too pleased with all the chicken noise, nor the chickens with the lack of space.

Earlier this year for Easter I decided to get a bit crafty and make something for my 2 adorable little god children who live in Australia.  I got the idea for these chickens from a make at home book I borrowed from the local library. (Homemade: Gorgeous Things to Make with love by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson).

These cute little chickens are made from a pattern seen in the “Homemade” Book. I used white and red fleece for the bodies,  hand stitched together using blanket stitch and  cotton fabric for the wings and button eyes. Just perfect to fit over the top of a hard boiled egg (to keep it warm)…. or a chocolate Easter egg.


chicken shape egg cover
chicken shape egg cover

I found the hand stitching quite difficult as it’s not something I do a lot of. I may need to brush up on my hand stitching skills – as some of the stitches are not too neat. I hope my god daughter and son liked my little homemade present.