Blue and white spotty dress

For this dress, I manipultated a pattern I found on the Burda Style website.

The Burda Style website is great for sewing ideas and some patterns can be downloaded for free. The dress pattern I used had to be printed onto A4 paper, and there were approx. 25 pages which needed to be joined together and then cut out. This did take me a while to do and the finished pattern was rather stiff and covered with joins and  sticky tape!!

cutting out the dress pattern
cutting out the dress pattern

My alterations of the pattern:- I removed the ruffle, added the waistband, and slimmed down the entire dress. It took me 3 attempts to finish it and to make it fit correctly as the sizing was not very accurate. The construction of the dress was slightly frustrating and time consuming.

finished spotty dress
finished dress

I think the polka dot pattern gives a lovely summery look to the dress, unfortunately with all this wintry weather, it may have to be stored in the wardrobe now until next summer.

Materials used:
approx 2 metres of fabric
long dress zipper
hook and eye
sewing thread

Pattern drafting from item of clothing

dress pattern draft
tracing around the dress
pocket pattern
creating the perfect pocket pattern

During my recent searching of blogs and websites for sewing ideas, I noticed a few blogs describing how easy it is to use a favourite item of clothing as base to create a pattern from.

So here is my attempt to copy my tunic dress

I traced around the outside of the dress, added a bit extra so new dress wouldn’t be too  tight (as the current tunic dress is a bit snug) and added seam allowance of 2cm.  The paper I used for the pattern I saved from being thrown out – it had once been used to wrap some paintings my boyfriend had framed. (there is a use for everything, and I love to  recycle)

The dress has 3 pattern pieces to it.


summer dress
the finished product

– Front yoke x 2 for a lining
– Front
– Back
– Also facings for the front and back neckline, and for the arms)
– I added 2 internal side pockets along the seam and a fabric waist tie

The finished product does look nice, and I love the print of the fabric – yellow flowers with black, grey and white spots and stripes; however I was too generous with my extra allowances and as a result the dress is a bit loose. Before I wear it I will restitch the side seams and arm facings and make it a bit tighter.
I would happily make this style of dress again, but next time I will add a side or back zipper to enable a more fitted garment