Made By Nomes 2012 Sewing

I set myself a task last year to make homemade gifts for my friends and family. I think I did a pretty good job of making gifts – now let me think back to some of the wonderful handmade gifts I gave as presents: Party ¾ shorts, Girls dresses, Girls skirt, Boys shorts, Boys waistcoat, Waistcoat, Party shorts, Party trousers, Party pants, Ipad covers and a couple of Tote bags and numerous purses and make up bags. You’ll find more photos on and My online shop had it’s first sale and also finished with 14 items being … Continue reading

Tribal print is hot this summer

How exciting, tribal print is making a stir in London this Summer.  See what Marie Claire Magazine has to say. – And if you would like to purchase some Made By Nomes designs, be sure to check out my Etsy shop or get in contact with me. x

Garment Labels

I aspire to have my friends wear handmade clothes with a smile and to sell my garments to make a bit of pocket money. My 1951 singer Sewing machine is definitely up to the job, and has proved a solid worker and mostly reliable – a little temperamental which is understandable, considering her age. Some neat, profession garment labels would ensure the items I make and sell are professional and high quality. Searching the Etsy site, I have found numerous people who print these labels and once I have the design completed, it is on my list to have done … Continue reading

Potato block printing

Whilst drinking a few Guiness’s at the pub on St Patrick’s day I was happily thinking all things Irish and that includes potatoes…… Not only have I planned a potato in my garden – one of those potatoes you find at the back of the cupboard which has started sprouting …. I hope to reap my rewards in a few months – 1 potato turns into a potato bush with at least 10 new potatoes. Another use for old and sprouting potatoes is to use them as a block to create a relief in a create a printing block to … Continue reading

Spring has sprung

What a perfect day in London to have the day off work and to spend outside in the garden, brainstorming and sketching ideas for spring and summer garment. It’s too nice of a day to be inside sewing! So what do i have planned for spring and summer? Well it’s all about me, and some new clothes – so it’s got to be a pair of fitted hipster African print shorts with zipper and pockets,  Pastel pink sorbetto top with cap sleeves and interesting front detail, and a cute summer day dress !! Time to get back to the garden … Continue reading

Wear Made By Nomes daily mission

I have been thinking recently how nice it would be to wear at least 1 item of “Made By Nomes” clothing every single day. Looking through my cupboard I can see a few “Made By Nomes” summer dresses – not really appropriate for London autumnal weather … but there are 2 winter skirts and 2 tops which would work well the chilly weather … So that covers at least 4 days. My mission for the month of November is to create one nice brooch, a belt and also few key garments which I can mix and match with shop bought … Continue reading