Wear Made By Nomes daily mission

I have been thinking recently how nice it would be to wear at least 1 item of “Made By Nomes” clothing every single day.

Looking through my cupboard I can see a few “Made By Nomes” summer dresses – not really appropriate for London autumnal weather … but there are 2 winter skirts and 2 tops which would work well the chilly weather … So that covers at least 4 days.

My mission for the month of November is to create one nice brooch, a belt and also few key garments which I can mix and match with shop bought clothes to attempt my wear “Made By Nomes” daily.

Sorbetto Top

sorbetto with sleeves pocket front detail
Sorbetto Top - I like the small pocket, handy for phone or oyster card

Burdastyle skirt pattern

green African print skirt with lining
Green African print skirt with lining

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Shaka Zulu for dinner

Last month my boyfriend and I went to Shaka Zulu’s in Camden Markets, London to enjoy a South African dining experience. I had seen a few photos of the restaurant in the press and read about the vast money spent on the interior and I wasn’t disappointed
An impressive cavernous interior with large Zulu warriors watching over the guests along with numerous wooden carvings, African print and brightly coloured covers on chairs and lounges. I particularly liked a wall near the kitchen with African animals carved into the wood. Birds, zebra, elephant, rhino to name a few.  The toilets were also quite interesting; with a whole wall covered with zebra print wallpaper.
Sadly no photos from this dinner date, however you can take a look at some of the interesting features at www.shaka-zulu.com
I might be inspired to use some of the techniques seen on the chair coverings to make some cushion covers. Light background fabric with brightly coloured elephants stitched on the top.
I almost forgot to mention the food – highlights were the soft shelled fried crab, and an Ethiopian chicken with boiled egg dish.