My vintage singer sewing machine

I thought I should introduce the sewing machine I use for all of my sewing.

1951 Singer Sewing machine
my trusty machine
vintage singer sewing books
vintage singer sewing books which came with the machine

I bought this machine from ebay in June last year. It is a vintage 1951 Singer Sewing machine with a treadle; however it been converted to electric. The machine has only one style of stitch – straight, and a reverse lever. The machine sews extremely well, though can be a little tempermental at times.

When the machine was delivered to my house, I was delighted to find some vintage tins, bobbins, pins and thread in the drawers along with the original sewing books.

More info about my Singer sewing machine

And see where I am able selling the garments I make –

A nice surprise

I’ve had my vintage Singer sewing machine for over a year now, and today was the first time I realised I was able to use the reverse stitch, and all by complete accident.

Earlier this week I moved one of the levers on the machine to enable a closer photograph of the serial number, and I had forgotten to move the lever back – who was I to know that this lever did anything. When I used the machine this evening it started sewing backwards… I was briefly confused, but this quickly turned into a feeling a happiness mixed with a bit of embarrassment.

forward stitch
Lever down for forward stitching
reverse stitch
Lever up for reverse stitching

Just last week I had Selina visit me and we spent Sunday doing a sewing workshop. I had to apologise to her that my sewing machine only had one stitch – straight, and only went one direct – forward….. if only we knew! Maybe the machine will also do zig zag if I change one of the other levers?

Hooray! Gone are the days of starting sewing just away from the edge, sewing 5 stitches, rotating the fabric 180 degrees, stitching forward over the first 5 stitches and continuing along the seam.

Selina when you read this blog I hope you will have a giggle about this 🙂