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I’m not just passionate about sewing, I also LOVE food. I enjoy growing my own vegetables, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and checking out interesting eating and drinking places.

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I’m the type of cook that uses a recipe for inspiration and I often make alterations to quantities and ingredients based on what’s in the cupboard and my personal tastes.

I have been formatting my mum’s cookbook, which my Dad originally collated, and it contains a lot of her favourite recipes (from Australia) and some that have been passed down through the generations. I would love to keep this going so I’m using my blog page to share some of the recipes from her book and some of my favourites from living abroad in the UK and Prague. I’ll be feeding these treats to my work colleagues and friends otherwise I will weigh a tonne by the end of the year :)

I’ll add the photographs to the digital recipe book and then have it professionally printed and shared among my family and loved ones. It’s not going to be finished in a month or 2….. this is definitely going to be a year long project for 2013.

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  2. Nomes says:

    This is a work in progress…. more recipes will be added each month so be sure to check back :)

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