Clothing for Children

I have been looking for ideas and inspiration for new projects – things to make and sell, and things to make for birthday presents.

A few hours on Google and looking at Burdastyle website along with other sewing blogs, I have a few ideas for future projects. I have friends who have children so I may spend the rest of this month in my sewing studio creating some girls dresses and maybe a boys vest. I think my 2 god children will receive a few handmade gifts from me later this year 🙂 Hopefully I’ll have a couple of items I can add to my Etsy Shop too!

A few websites and pictures I pinned today



Potato block printing

Whilst drinking a few Guiness’s at the pub on St Patrick’s day I was happily thinking all things Irish and that includes potatoes…… Not only have I planned a potato in my garden – one of those potatoes you find at the back of the cupboard which has started sprouting …. I hope to reap my rewards in a few months – 1 potato turns into a potato bush with at least 10 new potatoes. Another use for old and sprouting potatoes is to use them as a block to create a relief in a create a printing block to print onto fabric !!

take one potato – cut in half.

Use knife to shape out design

cover design in fabric paint

press on to fabric … repeat pattern.

I think I may practice on some paper first and use this a birthday or Christmas cards…. or maybe swing tags for clothes…

The choice is endless ….. just need to get a few potatoes, fabric paint and white or cream fabric, maybe Calico will be suitable.

New project – tailored “Party Pant”

mum's sewing cupboard
mum's sewing cupboard

When I was visiting my family in Australia last month  I spent couple of days back in my country town of Walcha. My home in Walcha fills me with very fond memories and this little impromptu visit gave me a chance to affectionately rummage through my mum’s sewing cupboard and see if there was anything I could “borrow” and add to my own “sewing studio” in London.

What I love most about this cupboard is the vast array zippers  and fabric of all lengths and colours, patterns and bits and bobs carefully packed into the small shelves and drawers.  I can remember clothing being made for me out of the fabric still in here. My mum didn’t like to throw any fabric away, believing it could be used later in another garment. I didn’t borrow any fabric, though I did find a few patterns which I liked the look of.

retro tailored trousers and shorts
retro tailored trousers and shorts

Here is one of the patterns that I have borrowed. It may have been purchased in the 80’s, though I’m unable to find a specific date on the pattern- I  just love the shorts with long socks look – very much a 70’s- 80’s style

I’ll be using this pattern as a starting point for my new project –  tailored  “Party Pant”.