Wear Made By Nomes daily mission

I have been thinking recently how nice it would be to wear at least 1 item of “Made By Nomes” clothing every single day.

Looking through my cupboard I can see a few “Made By Nomes” summer dresses – not really appropriate for London autumnal weather … but there are 2 winter skirts and 2 tops which would work well the chilly weather … So that covers at least 4 days.

My mission for the month of November is to create one nice brooch, a belt and also few key garments which I can mix and match with shop bought clothes to attempt my wear “Made By Nomes” daily.

Sorbetto Top

sorbetto with sleeves pocket front detail
Sorbetto Top - I like the small pocket, handy for phone or oyster card

Burdastyle skirt pattern

green African print skirt with lining
Green African print skirt with lining

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Geometric Reversible Skirt with Spots

I made this little skirt on Saturday, using some African wax print cotton and some spotty fabric – it is the same pattern as the skirt in my reversible skirt tutorial 


reversible skirt both ways
reversible skirt both ways

I initially got the idea for this skirt from  http://verypurpleperson.com/2009/12/easy-full-skirt-and-little-tutorial.html. I have made a few adjustment to suit my choice of fabric.

It was pretty easy to create – just 90 minutes of time and using only 2 lengths of fabric, elastic and my trusty Singer sewing machine.

reversible skirt African geometric print on
reversible skirt African geometric print
reversible skirt with black and white spots
reversible skirt with black and white spots

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And here is another one of my favourite skirts. I found a pattern on-line which I adjusted so it would suit my needs.

Features include a wide fitted waistband, 4 front pleats and a side zipper. I also added a polyester lining so I can wear it in the winter with tights. I love this tartan print! This one’s not for sale in my Etsy shop but do let me know if you want a custom made skirt 🙂

blue tartan pleat skirt with side zip
blue tartan pleat skirt with side zip


Green skirt with lining

This skirt I made last year at the end of summer. It is based on another pattern I saw on the Burder Style website –   Ida Maria high waisted skirt .

This pattern is a great basic skirt pattern which can be easily modified for other great skirt designs. Essentially 2 lengths of fabric approx 50cm x 70cm,  1 length of waistband fabric approx 80cm x 10cm and a zipper.

green African print skirt with zipper
green African print skirt with zipper

I modified the pattern slightly to include fixed pleats at the waist band rather than just gathered fabric along with adding lining to the skirt. The skirt has a zipper on the left side along with 1 press stud on the waistband.

green African print skirt with lining
green African print skirt with lining

Materials –
Africian print cotton fabric (about 1 metre)
Black polyester lining (approx 1 metre)
Zipper and press stud (popper)
Sewing thread

Retro fabric

I’m currently in Australia visiting friends and family and I have to admit I am kind of missing my “sewing studio”, the revving of my sewing machine, scratching through my fabric and patterns for inspiration… and also missing my boyfriend a lot.
I have had some luck, while visiting my childhood home to find some retro fabric which I will definitely be bringing back to London with me.

pink flowers fabricgreen swirl fabricThese prints will be perfect for another apron design or a skirt. Sadly not enough fabric for “party pant”; unless it’s for party shorts.